Beauty Tip: Spend Time In Nature Helps Reconnect With Yourself

Biophilia was introduced by Edward O. Wilson in 1984, in essence, humans are innately biological, having symptoms of looking for relationships with nature and other living things.

That’s why we enjoy time being close to water, trees, or mountains.

Many studies show that the mood will shift in a positive direction when we spend time outside. Research suggests spending time in nature can also help reduce depression and anxiety.

Just being fully present, behold the abundance around you.

In nature there are no limits. The Creator is the best designer and giver of a beautiful life. Wherever you can find designs, beauty, different colors reminiscent of nature, there are really no limits. Nature is powerful. Nature eliminates negative ions which improves mood thus improves overall wellness. Taking a break from a busy life helps you reconnect with your soul and go with the flow of life.



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